Noble gold necklace


Origin and color Rhodolite Stone

According to science, Rhodolite is the name used for a mixture of Pyrope and Almandine. Rhodolite tends to be paler than most Red Pomegranate Ruby varieties.

Rhodolite appears as a transparent red gemstone. The color can vary from a pink, to a pink purple, can be reddish purple and can also be a crimson red.

Rhodolite’s color is due to its combination of luminosity, strength, and bonding strength. Because it is an impurity-free stone, it brings demand to the jewelry industry. With the shine of Rhodolite, stones are grinded for jewelry such as pendants, rings, and earrings.

Beautiful female gold necklace
Beautiful female gold necklace

Effects of Rhodolite

For a long time, tourists often carry Rhodolite with them to prevent accidents. With health, natural gemstones bring a lot of benefits, good for the circulatory system and the heart. Helps increase the immune system and is especially good for people with osteoarthritis.

Wearing this Rhodolite gold stone necklace will help treat high fever, hong inflammation, headache… for homeowners when worn on. The yellow or brown stones can treat common skin diseases, constipation and allergies.

Wearing rhodolite gold strap on body will help women easily give birth. This lucky stone is very suitable for homeowners born in January and especially those born in the year of the Rat.

The meaning of Rhodolite in terms of feng shui

Rhodolite is also considered a symbol of fidelity, faith, loyalty, and strength. It can communicate with the world of the dead. It works for those wishing to look into the future. Rhodolite is the symbol of the constellations of Thich Binh and Thien An in the zodiac, the radiant energy of the yang acts on the sacral chakras – providing energy rectal energy, supportive – motor: help create will in life, physical energy, potential, arousing a sense of confidence and stability.

For Westerners, Rhodolite is considered a symbol of wealth, wealth, abundance and abundance. The red color of the stone is a symbol of the power, status and majesty of the person who wears it. People often give gifts to each other on the occasion of the new year with more prosperous wishes, families get plenty of money, children are full of herds.

Noble gold necklace
Noble gold necklace

From the above, people believe that wearing this Rhodolite on the body will bring the owner money, status, aspirations, health and luck in life.

According to ancient conception, Rhodolite is very suitable for those destined for Earth and Fire. Is the symbol of the constellation Virgo, Aries, Lion in the 12 signs of the zodiac. So, let’s “buy” for yourself a Rhodolite gold and stone necklace to get health, luck, and money.

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