Moon Stones And What You Should Know

Moon rock (also known as moonstone) is a variant of the feldspar orthoclase group. During formation, the orthoclase and albite separate into alternating layers. The interesting feature of this rock is that when you place the stone in front of daylight or fluorescent lights, the surface of the stone emits blue rays that look similar to the color of the moon at night so people called moon rock.


Moonstone comes in a variety of colors, but is most commonly colorless, bluish in color, or has a luminous effect like the light from the moon. In addition, there are moon stones that are yellow, brown, pink, green or green, but very rare. Moon rock has shimmering light moving on the surface, creating a very delicate, magical beauty that is most beautiful when it has high transparency, colorlessness, and blue glow.

Uses of Moon Stone

Like other feng shui stones, Moon Stone has the effect of healing, preventing degeneration, eliminating toxins, treating insomnia, digestive system disorders. In addition to its effects on health, Moonstone is also effective in helping your soul become calmer, curbing agitation and sadness in life, making your spirit feel more at ease. Because they have a cool energy source from the face, when using the Moon Stone the energy from the bracelet is like giving us a cooling breeze blowing through the soul.

Notes when buying Moon Stone

Transparency: To judge a bracelet, look at transparency first. The clearer the stone, the higher the value of the stone, the highest value one can be as crystal clear. Conversely, the more opaque a stone is, the lower its value.

Optical effect: After assessing the clarity of the stone, we place the product under a light (sunlight or electric lamp light) to observe their light effect. If you observe the more brilliant and clear the blue light, the higher the value of the stone. Likewise, the faint and faint the blue light, the lower the value of the stone.

Cleanliness: The final criterion is to observe whether the inside of the stone is clean or not, with impurities, dirt or not. If the stone is clean, with only one pure white color, the product has a high value. Conversely, if the stone is mixed with brown, black impurities, the value of the stone is low.moon

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