How to clean your backpack properly

Instruction To Clean Men Backpack Properly Step By Step!

Cleaning backpacks, travel backpacks, … is not as easy as you think, because after a period of use, there will be a lot of dirt, dust on each fiber, especially at the bottom of the backpack, zipper. So how to clean it properly without damage your backpack is not too difficult to do. We will give you instruction as follow:

Men backpack cleaning
Men backpack cleaning

Step 1:

Get all the contents inside out. If you use it for a long time, you often leave many things in your backpack, so be sure to take everything out, especially small pieces of paper before washing. Small pieces of paper when washing will lead to disintegration and stick firmly to the backpack when dried, making it unattractive and difficult to wash later.

Step 2: 

Let the backpack soak in the soap mixture for 15-20 minutes before washing. (Do not soak with highly versatile detergent as it will discolor or even stain the backpack)

This step will make the tiny dust, stains melt, fabric soften … before washing. At the same time, the soap will have time to soak in to remove the stains.

Step 3: 

Use a soft brush to scrub stubborn stains, rinse through water several times.

Be sure to avoid rubbing the mesh parts so that they do not cause tearing. Absolutely do not use the hard brush will cause tears, worn out or scratches on the backpack. Then rinse the water several times, then soak the fabric softener to clean the soap stored in the backpack, causing unpleasant odors when using.

Step 4:

Dry the backpack in moderate sunlight, limit exposure to hot sun for too long, affecting its durability.

Before drying, if possible, the backpack should be turned upside down to dry in the sun without color fading and turn the backpack upside down, unpack the zipper, and dry in the sun. Let the backpack dry and then use it, so that the backpack does not get moldy and damage the laptop camera inside.

Attention: For the ultimate durability of Backpacks, we recommend that you only get wet towels or small paint brushes, toothbrushes, … to clean only dirty areas. Spray a little fragrant water when finished cleaning the inside of your backpack and then dry in the light while it is just dry.

Hope you get your backpack cleaned in time and properly!

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