How To Choose A Leather Bag For Men According To Style?

Modern trends have changed, fashion isn’t just for women. Men are also very important in appearance, from the style of dressing to the way of using accessories to enhance their appearance and still show their masculinity. One of the most effective items for men is a leather bags.

But on the market today there are many different styles of bags, how to choose the right one for men? Let’s find out through the article below.

Tote bag for personality guy

This is the type of bag that a lot of girls love. But for many guys, the tote bag is probably no stranger. Tote bags are usually large in design. Being a big bag is very convenient because it can hold many items. But don’t try to cram a lot of things into the bag and the bag loses its shape and becomes heavy. If you are a guy who likes street dusty style, the tote bag is right one for you.

Tote bag
Tote bag

Stylish oversized leather handbag for office guy

For office employees. Surely you are familiar with the use of large leather handbags, right? Men’s leather office bags are now very eye-catching with elegant design and luxurious colors. The material that men prefer to choose when going to work are bags made of high quality glossy leather and good durability.

Oversized bag for office guy
Oversized bag for office guy

Simple men’s leather backpack

Talking about the convenience level, it is impossible not to mention the backpack. A handy backpack will be very suitable for guys who love simple and neat style. Besides, backpacks are increasingly designed with many styles, colors, diverse materials and aimed at many users. Carrying backpack can required well in both in your using needs and aesthetic needs. There are many major brands that have launched fashionable and high-end backpack collections. You can use the backpack to go to work, school, go out, go to events that are not too luxurious. But note that you should not wear backpack when wearing vest because it will make the shirt wrinkled and lose the serious look of the suit.

Simple men's leather backpack
Simple men’s leather backpack

Choose men’s handbags according to age

The boys aged 25 – 30 often use big bags for the purpose of serving work. So you should prioritize the polite bags to make your appearance look more mature. Besides, brown, coffee color, or gray are the colors you should choose.
Although under the deep tones. But don’t worry, these colored bags can make you look a few years older. You still look very youthful and dynamic if the mix & match matches the outfits and events.

Hope these things above will hellp you to pick up the right bag for yourself!

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