White suede bag

Do You Know How To Clean White Suede Bags?

If you own bags made of suede, every time your bag get dirty, you will be very terrified. Because suede material is not as easy to clean as normal leather. However, it is not impossible to clean it. Here we will show you how to clean a white suede men’s bag that anyone can do at home. Let’s start!

White suede bag
White suede bag

Step 1: Use a dirt brush

The tools are easy to find at grocery stores or supermarkets, and you can also use the old brush to remove stains from men white suede bags. You need to pay attention to manipulate gently in a straight line and evenly. That way the dirt on the fur of the bag will be blown away quickly.

Step 2: Use hot steam for deep cleaning

If you think your bag will break quickly if it gets wet, don’t worry as the thin steam is just enough to break the stains. One tip for cleaning a white suede bag for whoever does this way is that you can put your bag in the bathroom after you finish showering. In addition, you can take the bag through the pot of boiling water is also very effective.

In addition, if your white suede bag has stains such as ink, grease stains, you can use lemon, vinegar or soap to remove the stains.

Above are some ways to help you clean your white suede handbag. Wish you success with this approach!

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