Beautiful women’s sneakers – Things to keep in mind when choosing to buy

Beautiful women’s sports shoes.

In women’s shoe lockers, besides high heels, women’s sports shoes are indispensable. And a beautiful pair of women’s sneakers not only looks at the design but also the comfort the shoe delivers.

Flexibility and weight

You need to be sure that whatever shoe you choose should be flexible. Also, your shoes should be lightweight. The weight of the shoe also has a lot to do with your feet! A pair of women’s sneakers for walking should have a weight between 0.3 and 1 kg. Such lightweight sneakers will make it easy to move around on any surface. Speaking of shoe flexibility, sometimes we won’t know how to test. Lawa Store would like to give you a tip! One simple way to test the flexibility of a shoe is to try twisting the shoe upside down. If, when stretching, the shoe returns to its original state, then the shoe has enough flexibility!

Air permeability

To check the breathable women’s sneakers, wear it on and walk for 15-30 minutes. Then you can decide to buy shoes. When trying on shoes, you can clearly see whether these shoes fit or not. Are those shoes suitable for a long hike. Ideally you should choose shoes that are a bit wide. Because when you exercise or at the end of the day after walking a lot of legs you will get bigger in the morning. When you put on women’s sneakers that still have an extra 1.3cm is fine. The sides of the shoe should also be neither too tight nor too wide. If after about 15-30 minutes of the test you still feel completely comfortable, your feet are not swollen. Then you can buy those shoes. As this means these women’s sneakers have good ventilation for your feet.


In addition to ventilation, flatness should also be considered. Heels tend to touch the ground first when walking. Therefore, you will need shoes with flat contact surfaces. However, no sneakers are completely flat. This is called a heel drop measurement. The difference in sole height can be 10-30 mm based on the sole design for the shoe you choose. A pair of women’s sneakers for walking needs a heel drop of less than 10mm. This will help keep your feet from swelling or blisters after a long walk.


All sneakers have some sort of inner cushion. The pads can make a huge difference in the comfort of your feet. If you compare it to a shoe without padding, you can tell the difference. Cushioned women’s sneakers will keep your feet from bruising or abrasion. Especially will make you more comfortable walking on rough rocky surfaces. Look for a nice pair of soft cushioned women’s sneakers. Do not pay too much attention to whether the cushion is thick or not. Most important still to note is the comfort of the cushion against your legs.

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